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Main benefit

The first is Your personal library. Fill, update and moderate it only You. When you add a book, you are free to choose the annotation, cover photo, and even the title of the book, what you like. The same goes for authors and genres, not to mention tags and a dozen other fields. Of course, to speed up the filling of your library, you can copy books, authors, genres from the libraries of other owners.

Convenient list of books — here is the second reason to have your library. And we have it really handy — with dozens of filters and sorting options, visual graphs, statistics and much more.

Individual approach in everything — the third reason. In our project, each owner has his own individual, independent list of authors, genres, etc. their descriptions, photos, biographies, bibliographies. Yes, all that the soul asks — is Your library.

Search and store files with the text of the book — the fourth reason. The usual situation: looking for a book in the right translation, pumped a dozen files from different sites & mdash; finally found. Read, erased. After a year I wanted to reread or give to a friend. Search again? Simple solution — upload the file with your favorite version of the book to your library. The file will only be available to You and — if you want — your friends.

Fifth... don't like publicity? Us too. We have something to offer in this case — stealth mode. And Your books are nowhere to be seen. A little more open mode & mdash; books are visible only to friends, even more accessible — and books are opened to other registered users. The same can be done for an individual author, genre, or book.


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