• OPDS catalog (OPDS library)

  • What is an OPDS directory?

OPDS catalog (Open Publication Distribution System) is a format for aggregating electronic publications based on the Atom and HTTP protocols.. Bla, bla, bla... :-)

Main thing: with this technology, you can access your personal Internet library directly from your favorite reading program. All your authors, genres, tags, series, etc. are available directly from the "reader". And of course you can download files with books in one click.

More information about access, settings and usage rules will be available after registrations...

  • Support programs

Short list of the most popular book readers that support OPDS
Android iOS
  • - Moon+ Reader
  • - FBReader
  • - AlReader
  • - CoolReader
  • - and many others
  • - KyBook
  • - i2Reader Cloud
  • - iBouquiniste
  • - TotalReader
  • - and many others

  • Configuration examples

General recommendation
In the program settings, the required option to connect the OPDS directory can be called differently. Options: "opds", "network", "open network library", "network libraries", "add directory", "my directories", etc.

"Moon+ Reader" (Android)
Go to "Settings" -> "Network" -> in the upper right corner the "Add Directory" icon. Next, fill in two fields: "Directory name" - for example, ListRead.com and "Directory URL" - a personal link to the OPDS directory.

"FbReader" (Android)
The button on the phone is "Back", the item "Open Network Library" -> in the upper right corner an icon with options, select "Add Directory" -> in the only field "URL" we enter: a personal link of the OPDS directory.

"CoolReader" (Android)
Back arrow, go to the "screen with options" -> section "Network Libraries" -> "Add" icon. Fill in the fields: "Name" - ListRead.com and "URL" - a personal link to the OPDS directory.

"Stanza" (iOS)
In the "Download" -> General tab. Click the "Change" button in the upper right corner. Select the item "Add Source". After that, enter the name - for example, ListRead.com and your personal URL: a personal link to the OPDS directory.

"KyBook" (iOS)
Menu -> click on "pencil" -> "Add OPDS Directory". Enter: a personal link OPDS-directory.


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