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Genre: graphic
Owner: capitalistka
Graphic adaptaion of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere collects all nine issues of the Vertigo maxiseries. An ordinary Londoner stops to help an enigmatic girl and joins a battle to...
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  • Rating:3
  • Date:2013
  • Status:read

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"Wake up, sir. We're here". It's a simple enough opening line--although not many would have guessed back in 1991 that this would lead to one of the most popular and critically acclaimed comics of the second half of the century. In Preludes and Nocturnes, Neil Gaiman weaves the...
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A being that has existed since the beginning of the universe, Morpheus rules over the realm of dreams. But after a decades-long imprisonment, the Sandman has returned to find that a few dreams and nightmares have escaped to reality. Looking to recapture his lost possessions, Morpheus ventures to the...
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An adaptation of Neil Gaiman's short story "Babycakes", originally from "Smoke and Mirrors". Illustrated by Jouni Koponen...
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