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When PC Andy Davidson arrests a young girl for shoplifting, he thinks it's going to be a routine case. That is, until he sees that she is carrying...
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  • Date:2011
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Anita Sullivan - about author

My work is very varied but typically has a sociopolitical awareness and explores the connection between the past and the present. I have a keen interest in community based projects and site specific shows. I often write for or about young people.

All of my 38 plays (except 'Islands') have been staged/ broadcast, many with repeat productions and tours. Several have won awards. I've had twelve hours of drama broadcast on BBC Radio 4. I've been commissioned by theatre companies as diverse as the Royal Shakespeare Company, Plymouth Theatre Royal, Pop-Up children's theatre, Eastern Angles and Borderline. I've taken part in workshop projects with the Performing Arts Lab, The Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, TAG theatre company, Channel Four Film Challenge, Linea Trasversale, Welfare State International and The Working Party. I also ran my own company Radge Productions which produced three plays, two short films and co-ran a Fringe venue.

I've written five shows for Play In A Week at the Nomad's theatre, an annual event bringing together around sixty young performers with disabilities. The company rehearses and stages a 60 minute play in just six days.

I live in Sussex with husband Ben, an Irish Jack Russell, a delinquent Chihuahua and twenty-nine over-sexed fish.


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