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Четыре степени жестокости
Тюрьма строгого режима Дитмарш. Здесь отбывают срок самые опасные и жестокие преступники. Один из них, девятнадцатилетний Джош Рифф, пытается отдать на хранение надзирательнице Кали Уильяме...

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    Кит Холлиэн
    Синонимы и псевдонимы: KEITH HOLLIHAN

    KEITH HOLLIHAN worked as a business analyst and ghostwriter before publishing his first novel. He has traveled widely and lived in Japan, Canada and the Czech Republic. He now lives with his wife and sons in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    About the Author:
    I was born and raised in Canada, and graduated from the University of Alberta, in 1990, with a BA in Anthropology. I had a strong desire to travel, especially in Asia and the developing world, so I moved to Japan where I taught English for two and a half years, and learned Japanese. I left Japan to backpack around the world. Over the course of a year, I traveled through Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and India. I spent a few more months in Israel, the UK and Switzerland before returning to Canada. A year later, I was back in Japan, this time as a representative of the prefectural government in Ibaraki.

    I met my future wife, an American artist named Rosemary Williams, while living in Ibaraki. After two years, we moved to Boston where I worked at a consulting firm before becoming a freelance writer specializing in ghostwriting books in the business category. We moved to New York where Rosemary attended graduate school at Hunter College. Our two sons were born in Brooklyn.

    In 2005, we moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, when Rosemary became a professor at St. Cloud State University. In 2008, we lived in Olomouc, Czech Republic for a semester. We recently bought a small farm near Viroqua, Wisconsin, with our friends Irve Dell, an artist and professor, and Kira Obolensky, a playwright.


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