• Project Diary

The project "Personal library" has an English version. The site also moved to a shared domain "Listread.com" - due to this, re-authorization is required when logging in.

At the moment, the user's language preferences are determined automatically (browser settings + OS), but they can always be switched in the "Menu" and "Personal cabinet" section.

Personal library has switched to a more secure HTTPS Protocol. It allows you to significantly reduce the risk of interception of users personal data (usernames, passwords, etc.).

In this regard, you must re-log in (enter your username and password) on the first page of the site.

Forgot your password? - https://listread.com/passrem.html

We checked photos on the fly on Ajax technology. Now warnings about incorrect file format or size will appear without reloading the page.

We also added the ability to upload photos from sites running on the HTTPS Protocol.

In the personal list of genres, a viewing option has been added in which subgenres are displayed only in the main genre block.

It is now possible to make one genre a subgenre of another. For example: genre "Science fiction": subgenres "Space opera", "SF" etc.

This option is available when creating and editing genres. When you select a genre for a book, subgenres will be duplicated in the main genre field.

Also, when you list books by genre, "Subgenres" section will appear at end of page.

Added the ability to auto-select descriptions and photos when adding authors.

to auto-select the description and other fields, just fill in the "last name" field. To select photos, you must also fill in the "Name" field.

We have linked the personal rating of the book to the reading date. Now you can specify a separate rating in each reading date. And it remains possible to specify the & quot;rating of the book & quot;, not tied to dates.

When adapting to the new rating system, the Current rating specified earlier was automatically added to the last reading date.

Also, for convenience, when adding and copying a book, if the Current rating is not specified, it will be taken from the rating of the last reading date.

  • 1) Began to display tags in the list of books
  • 2) We made a list of books by the selected tag from all libraries
  • 3) When copying a book, a button was added to clear the text fields of the publication

In "Personal cabinet" added the option "reading Status when copying a book". Now the "read/not read" status will be set by default, taking into account the selected option.

1) To the previously added ability to select the publication by the title of the work, you can now select it by the entered ISBN.

2) When filling in publication fields, "Publication Name" field will be copied from "Book Name" field. This happens automatically when you click on "Publication Name" field. This field should be empty, and "Book Name" field should be filled in.

Completely redesigned the page with the output of all publications in your library. Available: menu item "Statistics" - link "Publications".

Added a number of filters and the ability to immediately add a new book with already filled in fields of the selected publication by clicking the "Plus" button.

A similar "Plus" appears on the page with the book when you move the cursor to the desired publication.

When adding publications, it is possible to select publications from all libraries. In the "Editions" section, the "Selection" button is the same as when selecting authors or photos.

The selection takes into account the entered title of the book (work). Later we will add selection by ISBN.

P.S. The case when a seemingly small update does not notice the amount of work done - 2 months of work!

Added the ability to quickly change the book's rating, status, and reading date directly from the list of your books.

This option is available when hovering over the link "edit" under which the context menu appears...

1) В заметках добавили необязательное поле "Название".

2) В списке книг добавили новый вариант сортировки - "По циклам". В данном режиме книги группируются по циклам.

  • Добавление тегов и турбо-страницы


1) We added an optional "Name" field in notes.

2) A new sorting option has been added to list of books - "by series". In this mode, books are grouped in series.

Added ability to view entire list of users who liked your opinion or note. I.e. now you can not only see number of "likes", but also find out by name who liked your post so much. :- )

P.S. the Context menu with list traditionally appears when the cursor hovers over the "Like" block.

Made AMP versions for book pages. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a fairly new technology promoted by Google, designed for those whose mobile version is too heavy. In such cases, Google will issue an AMP version of the page.

P.S. In general, even more beautiful, even faster! ;-)

We have a mobile version of the site optimized for smartphones. Now, when entering from the phone, the mobile version will be immediately shown. You can switch to full by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

We tried to increase the usability in the mobile version while maintaining all the current functionality.

Any comments and suggestions regarding the mobile version are welcome!

Is there a chance to meet a like-minded person among people who have read as much as you? Certainly. And among those who read the same books? Even more! And there is a very good chance to find them among those who appreciated the books you read as much as you do! We hope our new option is "like-minded" - helps you find them. Available from the "Friends" section.

We have a major innovation: each library has its own personal OPDS catalog. With this technology, you can access your library directly from your favorite reader (iOS, Android). I.e., all your authors, genres, tags, cycles, etc. are available directly from the reader. And of course, you can download files with books in one click.

Details about access, settings, and supported programs are available on the site in the section "Basic options", menu item "OPDS Catalog".

Many people, we think, had this: they like some text or photo related to the book theme and want to save it somewhere for the future. You can, of course, save it on your computer and forget about it forever, or post it in a social network with the same result, or you can and should add it to your library!

This is exactly what our new option is for - taking notes. In fact, this is the same diary-blog, where it is convenient to post any text or image and discuss it in the comments later.

Added a new feature: creating series. Now each book can be assigned an ordinal number in the selected series.

You can add a series either when creating/editing/copying (the link is now available in the section with "Annotation"), or by selecting several books - then you can click the "Create series" button in the section that appears on the right, above the menu. In the future, you can edit the " (name and sequence number) using a special editor: statistics - series - edit.

Redesigned the selection module for selecting multiple books: now when selecting a book, a visual block is added in the menu column on the right, which is convenient when copying multiple books.

The same visual block appears when you select a book to add to "Favorites".

The new module allows you to select books on different pages and copy all your favorite books to your library with one click.

To develop idea of recommendations, we made a separate section in menu with personal recommendations. With two modes: by default, the algorithm takes into account the last ten books you have read and selects the other ten based on genre, rating, opinions, and so on. The second option is to select books in your chosen genre.

Added new block with book recommendations. The selection of books takes into account the genre, rating, availability of opinions, comments, and a number of other parameters. Available in mode from "all libraries".

P.S. We plan to develop this service in the future - we will be happy to consider all your wishes!


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